Photos from my garment show at the Kohan Garden.

Summer is almost over and I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks since my garment show at the Kohan Garden here in the village of New Denver. Photos have been trickling in from people in the community and I have a few of my own that turned out reasonably well. Taking photos of models moving through a garden lined with people proved to be a difficult task, but here are a few to share with you.

Aiko wearing a long tunic style coat, inspired by the traditional clothing of Japan as well as men’s ‘frocks’ of the 1700’s. Made of hemp, silk and yak wool with hemp silk godets, front side panels, shawl collar, front piping and woven ribbons at the back. Pattern detail added using a shibori bound resist technique and hand dyed.

Catherine wearing a reconstructed and hand dyed tshirt blouse. Screenprinted hummingbird design on linen rayon sleeves and appliqued triangle at hip.

Aiko wearing a sleevless tunic which I reconstructed from the wool lining of a military issue green coat. Details on pockets and front facing are hemp silk and patterned with a shibori bound resist technique using bound cherry pits.

Catherine is wearing my silk velvet ‘Eye Coat’. Made entirely out of silk velvet and lined with china silk. Eye shaped cut-outs have been individually hand stitched.

Catherine wearing ‘Tartan and Celtic Snake’ wool jacket which I reconstructed from a traditional Scottish jacket and the sleeves have been shaped out of an original Scottish pleated skirt. Coiled snake design is hand printed with silver textile ink.

Aiko wearing a hummingbird tshirt blouse and ‘Africa’ skirt. Blouse has been reconstructed with cotton voile sleeves which have been hand dyed and screenprinted with a hummingbird design. Linen rayon skirt with contrasting panels:
Shibori stitched resist design called ‘ori-nui’.
Other panels have an itajime resist dyed pattern using clamped blocks.

Catherine wearing: ‘Bee in Flower’ skirt, Stringbean tshirt blouse and ‘Bee in Flower’ tshirt blouse.

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4 thoughts on “Photos from my garment show at the Kohan Garden.

  1. Hi Arlee,Thank-you very much for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave me a comment. Prompted by your difficulty in reading my descriptions I have lightened the background of my blog and changed the font of my descriptions. I hope you can read them now. I would love to get some feedback – thanks again, Morgen

  2. Oh MUCH better! :} I went to your Facebook page–i could read the link from here to there :}—I like the unfussiness but still Romantic feel to your clothing—-looooong ago on Bowen Island i sold wearable art, but in those days, little of it went beyond outerwear–these would be wonderful to wear everyday without being overdressed, but still looking damn special

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