My studio worktable

This being my first post on my brand new website, I thought I’d share with you a photo of my work table. I plan on making this a regular feature since so often I find myself stopping to admire the combinations of fabrics, buttons and works in progress on my table. This photo was taken last night and today all of these wrist cuffs and brooches have been completed.

You are seeing: Hand dyed cotton fabric with layers of screen printed ‘Bees in Flowers’ design, wrist cuffs in various stages of construction, mother of pearl buttons (I have a huge collection), brooches being constructed using my ‘Bee in Flower’ and ‘Eye see You’ designs, top left is a piece of organic cotton and hemp with screen printed stripes and hummingbirds, shibori stitched resist and dyed selvedge strips.

4 thoughts on “My studio worktable

  1. Congrats on your new site! Your creative space looks nice and inviting. Japanese aesthetics being close to my heart I’m loving your floral prints a lot.

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