Studio Worktable – A Leafy Collection

This leafy collection on my table was caught waiting for my attention. The table runners, napkins and leaf brooches went to The Live Art Shop in Kaslo yesterday. A drive through snowy mountains to make the delivery in time for Christmas sales. The vintage table cloths with screenprinted images of a sleeping deer and leaf motifs on various fabrics are waiting to be heat set with a hot iron – this makes them washable. The small pieces of fabric will be used for brooches or on fingerless gloves which I make from repurposed wool sweaters.

4 thoughts on “Studio Worktable – A Leafy Collection

  1. Laura

    Thanks for sharing this little glimpse into your workspace! Your work is beautiful, and I especially like the idea of making something new from something old–dying and printing the vintage linens.

  2. morgenmaker Post author

    Thanks very much Laura. I love the vintage linens and have collected them for a while, hoping to find a use for them.

  3. Earnest Efforts

    Looking really good! I like it. The photos of your work are beautiful & fun to look at! I like that you’ve kept the look simple & your header is beautiful. Nice work indeed!
    Best of luck, Heth (aka Ellie Efforts)

  4. morgenmaker Post author

    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. I’m glad you like the header – is always a dilemma for me 🙂


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