Studio Worktable – A Leafy Collection

This leafy collection on my table was caught waiting for my attention. The table runners, napkins and leaf brooches went to The Live Art Shop in Kaslo yesterday. A drive through snowy mountains to make the delivery in time for Christmas sales. The vintage table cloths with screenprinted images of a sleeping deer and leaf motifs on various fabrics are waiting to be heat set with a hot iron – this makes them washable. The small pieces of fabric will be used for brooches or on fingerless gloves which I make from repurposed wool sweaters.

4 thoughts on “Studio Worktable – A Leafy Collection

  1. Thanks for sharing this little glimpse into your workspace! Your work is beautiful, and I especially like the idea of making something new from something old–dying and printing the vintage linens.

  2. Thanks very much Laura. I love the vintage linens and have collected them for a while, hoping to find a use for them.

  3. Looking really good! I like it. The photos of your work are beautiful & fun to look at! I like that you’ve kept the look simple & your header is beautiful. Nice work indeed!
    Best of luck, Heth (aka Ellie Efforts)

  4. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments. I’m glad you like the header – is always a dilemma for me 🙂

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