A glimpse inside my studio

My sewing table has a window where I can watch village life go by as I sew. My studio is in the top floor of our heritage home which was built in 1909 and has two of these original old single pane windows. The other one is filled with the branches and leaves of a big maple tree.

‘Handscape’ shibori dyed and printed wall hanging with my newest garments ready for summer art fairs and markets.

6 thoughts on “A glimpse inside my studio

    1. Hi Clyde! Thanks for visiting my website. You would love this old house, but would probably want to change lot’s of things about it too – it is funky!

  1. this is a beautiful piece of cloth Morgan but I know If my work space overlooked a village I would get nothing done!! I am so nosey…..thanks so much for your lovely words about my work, Karen

    1. Hi Karen, Thank-you very much for visiting me here and for your kind comment about my cloth. Luckily it’s not the main Street of the village, otherwise, you are right, I too would get no work done. I am also a nosey Parker 🙂

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