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Autumn’s inspiration for design – poppies and anemones

Nature my muse has offered me some little wonders today. Summer poppies have dried out leaving the beautiful forms of their seed pods and are poised to disperse their tiny little seeds far and wide. Meanwhile the Japanese anemones are in full bloom, waving their little faces in the chilly fall breeze.

My pen and ink drawings of anemones and dried poppy pods.

I am in the process of designing tiny images for screen printing onto fiber art necklaces I am designing and making for Garnish, an artist owned boutique and studio featuring Canadian jewelers. I am very excited to have the opportunity to have my work in this stylish jewelry and accessory shop in downtown Revelstoke. Below is an example of the kind of pieces I am working on. Expect to see some new and surprising work from me in the next month.

Surface designed¬† fiber art clover leaf necklace with mother of pearl buttons and African ‘lucky bean’.


A glimpse inside my studio

My sewing table has a window where I can watch village life go by as I sew. My studio is in the top floor of our heritage home which was built in 1909 and has two of these original old single pane windows. The other one is filled with the branches and leaves of a big maple tree.

‘Handscape’ shibori dyed and printed wall hanging with my newest garments ready for summer art fairs and markets.

My new pincushion

I have to admit a bit of a fetish for sewing notions. I collect vintage buttons, hooks and eyes, metal stitch-in snaps and zippers are so much fun! Sewing tools like thimbles, sock darners and unpicking tools. Pins, needles and pin cushions are irresistible!

I was recently having a pin crisis because so many pins made right now arrive, blunt, bend easily and are always losing their little round pin heads. I bought a new set of (hopefully) good quality glass head pins and this gorgeous pin cushion from Etsy seller Susan Parsons of Georgia Street Crafts. She made this felted wool pin cushion with hand stitched detail and a vintage bakelite button in the centre. It is beautifully constructed and filled with crushed walnut shells. This natural eco-friendly filler gives the cushion a nice solid feel and helps to keep pins clean and sharp. A great way to start the new year in my studio!

Textiles in this photo have been surfaced designed in my studio – discharge screenprinted, direct screenprinted and hand dyed. I have started making some of into cuffs featuring mother of pearl and natural wood buttons.

Studio Worktable – A Leafy Collection

This leafy collection on my table was caught waiting for my attention. The table runners, napkins and leaf brooches went to The Live Art Shop in Kaslo yesterday. A drive through snowy mountains to make the delivery in time for Christmas sales. The vintage table cloths with screenprinted images of a sleeping deer and leaf motifs on various fabrics are waiting to be heat set with a hot iron – this makes them washable. The small pieces of fabric will be used for brooches or on fingerless gloves which I make from repurposed wool sweaters.