Poppyhead and Seedpod fiber necklaces in Garnish

“Seedpods and Flowers”, my new collection of soft fiber necklaces are now available in Garnish. Right in the heart of Revelstoke, Garnish is an artist owned boutique with a full working studio. The boutique features all Canadian jewelers, three of which work out of the studio space in the back of the store. I am excited to have my fiber art jewelry featured amongst these talented jewelers.

Poppyhead in metallic blue on natural linen with hemp silk cord – hand dyed, screenprinted, mother of pearl button fastening.

Three copper seedpods on cotton and linen with a hemp silk textured edge cord, mother of pearl buttons, hand dyed and screenprinted.

This soft fiber necklace features two pods with a design hidden underneath – copper seedpod on hand dyed linen rayon, hand dyed and painted hemp, hand dyed hemp silk cord with MOP button

Metallic green poppyhead fiber necklace with screenprinted cotton border and hand dyed copper hemp silk cord.

Copper seedpods with Autumn leaf hidden pod – cotton linen, cotton, hemp silk, hand dyed, screenprinted, mother of pearl button fastener

Copper Poppyhead fiber necklace – cotton, hempsilk cord, shibori dyed textured frame, MOP button fastener

Purple and red screenprinted metallic blue seedpod with hidden Bee on second pod.

Autumn’s inspiration for design – poppies and anemones

Nature my muse has offered me some little wonders today. Summer poppies have dried out leaving the beautiful forms of their seed pods and are poised to disperse their tiny little seeds far and wide. Meanwhile the Japanese anemones are in full bloom, waving their little faces in the chilly fall breeze.

My pen and ink drawings of anemones and dried poppy pods.

I am in the process of designing tiny images for screen printing onto fiber art necklaces I am designing and making for Garnish, an artist owned boutique and studio featuring Canadian jewelers. I am very excited to have the opportunity to have my work in this stylish jewelry and accessory shop in downtown Revelstoke. Below is an example of the kind of pieces I am working on. Expect to see some new and surprising work from me in the next month.

Surface designed¬† fiber art clover leaf necklace with mother of pearl buttons and African ‘lucky bean’.