Japanese Barberry inspires my textile design

“Berberis Thunbergi” Don’t you love the sound of Latin names? I always enjoy discovering them when looking up names of plants and shrubs in my garden. Otherwise know as Japanese Barberry, this striking little shrub with it’s red berries and dark thorny branches in winter, was the inspiration for one of my latest textile prints.

Detail of wrap style skirt with Japanese Barberry design by textile artist Morgen Bardati

I discovered the simple beauty of this shrub when I used it in an arrangement for my booth at a Christmas Fair. I was so struck by it’s dramatic dark branches and thorns contrasting the bright red berries that I made a pen and ink drawing of it and transferred that to a silkscreen. I’ve since used it as a layered design in skirts, tunics, table runners and napkins. I constructed this skirt of hand dyed linen rayon with a hemp silk satin finish on the hemline, waistband and tie. I discharge screen printed the first layer and then screenprinted a second layer in black textile paint.

Japanese Barberry skirt by Morgen Bardati

My inspiration:


Wearable Fiber Art Necklaces

I have always had it in mind to make fiber art necklaces using my own hand dyed and printed textiles. I finally produced some this week and am really pleased with the results. They have a strong ethnic tribal flavour and are soft and comfortable to wear. I’ve really enjoyed designing and making them.

Rust Red Leaf necklace – hand dyed and screenprinted cotton, hemp, silk and linen with vintage silver grey mother of pearl button

Clover Flower fiber art necklace – screenprinted natural linen and hand dyed cotton cording with vintage mother pf pearl buttons and African ‘Lucky Bean’

Autumn Rust fiber art leaf necklace – hand dyed and screenprinted cotton pendant and with vintage mother of pearl button.

Tree of Life screenprinted and embroidered cotton and linen pendant with vintage mother of pearl buttons

New Work – Autumn’s Promise

Autumn’s promise – organic cotton and hemp table runner

This organic cotton and hemp table runner is ‘hot off the press’ as they say and has been hand dyed a beautiful rich rust brown and screenprinted with a combination of two of my designs. A simple drawing of a leaf and a seed motif  which I call ‘multiply’ brings to mind the trees outside my studio window. The seeds fall with the leaves and nature’s promise that they will come to life in the spring inspires this design.

Autumn Leaves tablerunner and napkins

After many requests for table runners this summer I have been working on a series of them, some of which have matching napkins.They are made of organic cotton and hemp. The table runners are a heavier weight than the lighter muslin of the napkins. This set has been dyed, discharge screen printed with a striped design and then screen printed in metallic copper with one of my little leaf motifs.

I am taking some of them to The Live Art Shop in Kaslo this week. I’ll also be listing some in my Inkyspider shop on Etsy and taking some to Christmas by the Lake, a wonderful local event held every year in Silverton – Dec 2nd and 3rd