My new pincushion

I have to admit a bit of a fetish for sewing notions. I collect vintage buttons, hooks and eyes, metal stitch-in snaps and zippers are so much fun! Sewing tools like thimbles, sock darners and unpicking tools. Pins, needles and pin cushions are irresistible!

I was recently having a pin crisis because so many pins made right now arrive, blunt, bend easily and are always losing their little round pin heads. I bought a new set of (hopefully) good quality glass head pins and this gorgeous pin cushion from Etsy seller Susan Parsons of Georgia Street Crafts. She made this felted wool pin cushion with hand stitched detail and a vintage bakelite button in the centre. It is beautifully constructed and filled with crushed walnut shells. This natural eco-friendly filler gives the cushion a nice solid feel and helps to keep pins clean and sharp. A great way to start the new year in my studio!

Textiles in this photo have been surfaced designed in my studio – discharge screenprinted, direct screenprinted and hand dyed. I have started making some of into cuffs featuring mother of pearl and natural wood buttons.