My diverse background in a variety of art media enables me to offer an eclectic experience in my workshops including painting, drawing, printmaking, design, fiber art and natural dye processes. I am excited  to be able to present a fusion of processes and ideas that make interesting connections for my students. I have an innate curiosity for the natural world and how we as humans interact with nature and this theme is always present in my workshops. I facilitate workshops for adults in my studio here in New Denver which is in the Kootenay region of BC in Canada. Travel to venues in other areas is also an option. I have worked with young people as a teaching artist for over 20 years in schools, art galleries and other community venues. Listed here are some of the workshops I have on offer – they can be tailored to meet your needs.

For questions, to inquire about workshop fees and to arrange for workshops please email me via the contact link . I have also added a contact form at the bottom of this list so that you can easily refer to the workshops titles and info here. I look forward to hearing from you.

Geometry and Design

Geometry and Nature’s Patterns – Exploring Design:

Taking up the tool of the geometer and inspiration from nature around us, you will learn to create beautiful and meaningful designs. Within the universal principles of geometry and nature’s patterns is a rich world of symbolism, transformation and beauty. We can invite this inspiration into our art and design for home and adornment.

Participants will develop designs through activities in geometry and drawing with possibilities for transferring them into printmaking and/or fibre/textile art projects. This workshop can be combined  with another of my workshops. It fits well with the botanical ink and drawing workshop and can also be extended into block printing. The time required for this workshop can be very flexible, from 4 hours to  a series of classes.


Natural Dyeing:

This workshop is an introduction to dyeing cloth using natural botanical dyes, while encouraging safe and sustainable methods and materials.

All processes will be covered: how to scour and mordant protein and cellulose fabrics, the safe and sustainable sourcing and foraging of dye materials, colour extraction and dye methods, as well as care of your dyed textiles. This workshop will also pay attention to the different types of fibres and how to choose them. I can offer this as a 2 or 3 day workshop, and could include some shibori techniques.


Shibori Techniques using Natural Dyes:

Shibori is a traditional way of creating beautiful patterns on cloth by using several techniques of resisting the dye. Once the dye process is complete the stitching, tying, binding or clamping is released and beautiful resist patterns are revealed. In this workshop we will learn a variety of shibori techniques in stitching and binding on silk fabrics. We will use only natural botanical dyes and safe processes. This workshop requires at least two 6 hour days to accomplish some lovely samples of finished cloth.


Gelatin Plate Printing- Monotypes on Paper:

This printing technique is a unique way of printing monotype prints on paper using a plate made of household gelatin. This sensitive plate will record in exquisite detail a variety of found objects, stencils and drawings. For beginners or those with art experience to learn the principles of printing and techniques for layering colours and textures.

This workshop can be offered as a 4 hour workshop or over 2 days which would include a more detailed showing of various printmaking techniques, making the gelatin plates and some extra monoprinting techniques.

Making and Drawing with Botanical Inks

In this workshop you will begin with making your own plant based inks from sustainable sourced or locally foraged botanicals like walnut husks, gall nuts, onion skins and more. The plants that offer up colour for dyeing cloth can be used to make ink for drawing. Properly made and naturally preserved they will last for months. The second part of this workshop will focus on making beautiful botanical drawings and learning to use your ink with brushes and dip pens. This workshop can be combined beautifully with the geometry and design workshop. The image shown above (by Ana Bokstrom in one of my classes) shows an integration of geometric and botanical drawing.